Inaugurated in 2013 in Mirabel, Cité 7 is a condo project by Danam Bonzaï. Its contemporary design and premium geographic location make for a distinguished project that sets new standards in the housing industry. Voyou was called upon to launch an original strategy capable of attracting a clientele already in high demand through the region’s growing condo base. In short, our mission was to create a powerful advertising campaign that would secure a prominent market position from the get-go.

Bath Depot

Voyou - Creative Performance has been behind Bath Depot's success since the very beginning. With the opening of branches in Ontario, the company had to revamp its creative communications strategy to give the company a national flavour. This meant a redesign of the brand's visual representation. Bath Depot can now focus on communications tailored to its customers, increasing its market share and continuing its development.

* Please note that the English version will be available soon

San Francisco

Our goal: rejuvenate the banner's image to appeal to a wider pool of potential customers and continue to reach its current base. To raise its profile significantly, we had to create more media buzz around San Francisco's offer. Targeted and well-defined efforts allowed the banner to shine in a powerful, inspiring way.

* Please note that the English version will be available soon

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