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Food marketing agency

Agri-food industry

Voyou Bouffe, a specialized division dedicated to the agri-food industry. Above all, it is a team of highly skilled strategists and creators who will cook up solutions tailored to your needs! We offer an unmatched approach that is both comprehensive and integrated, providing complete services spanning product concept creation and marketing. Our new food and beverage design division renders services that prove essential to the strategic development of your brand. 

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A Fruitful Food Marketing Strategy

Agri-Food Industry Marketing

Effective communication relies on in-depth knowledge of the food industry along with its trends and language. We understand food market needs—food distributors and retailers—and harvest thorough knowledge of consumers and their buying habits regarding food and beverage. Such expertise in the agri-food industry enables us to advance relevant and effective food marketing solutions. 


Creative and Intelligent Food Packaging Design

Food Packaging Design

Food and beverage packaging is more than a simple container—it’s a powerful communication tool. Voyou Bouffe will create a brand-specific visual identity for your food business, thus allowing you to clearly communicate your message, and enabling your brand to secure a distinguished market position—for a relevant and hard-hitting result, seamlessly tailored for each food packaging project. 

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Brand Strategy and Branding

  • Competition research and auditing
  • Brand positioning and architecture
  • Product development and innovation
  • Business intelligence
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Logo and corporate identity creation
  • Packaging design
  • Visual, graphic and editorial design
  • Graphic standards

Integrated Web Presence and Communications

  • Website development
  • Transactional websites
  • SEO & SEM campaigns
  • Content creation and optimization
  • Performance analysis
  • Project management: communities, newsletters and contests
  • Advertising creation
  • Media strategy and buying
  • Events and press relations

Marketing and Business Development

  • Strategy (distribution, pricing and launch)
  • POS and merchandising
  • Exhibit space design
  • Sales management guidance
  • Preparation of business reviews
  • Business development tools
  • Sales analysis
  • Dashboards (goals and tracking)


View the depth of our expertise in this short clip. Not only do our many projects showcase our professionalism, they'll also spark up your appetite! From creative design to marketing, Voyou Bouffe is here to guide you throughout your projects and make your products hit the spotlight in style!

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Smoked to perfection!

Levitts, a Canadian family business founded in 1939 and specializing in meat processing, placed its trust in Voyou for the overhaul of its visual identity as well as the planning of its global strategy and the launch of several deli product lines. Whether for easing hunger pains during a hockey game or prepping your teen’s lunch box, you never go wrong with smoked meat! The campaign aims to highlight the products’ high quality smoking process and to draw a connection between the product and our target audience’s eating habits. Video advertising, signage and digital tactics are among the campaign’s preferred communication efforts.

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