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Ville de Lachute Making history!

The city of Lachute is in the midst of a major revitalization project to reposition its identity through a strong, up-to-date image that is reflective of the city’s flourishing development. The city is now able to assert its unique character—a green, vibrant and accessible city—while fostering a sense of belonging among citizens and increasing its appeal to grow its active population.

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A campaign unlike any other!

Following the request for proposals made by the CSSDM, Voyou was selected to design a campaign promoting the region’s public high schools. Hands-on actions were needed to raise awareness about their new service offer and their great contributions and capabilities regarding the social and academic development of youth. The dynamic and inspirational campaign J’aime mon public clearly showcases everything these schools have to offer. This stimulating project had our team busy with branding strategies, campaign ideation, photo shoots, promo material, digital strategy design, animated spots and website design!

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Place Rosemère Fier d’habiller Place Rosemère pour l’automne 2020!

Une fois de plus cette année, la campagne publicitaire mode automne 2020 est synonyme de couleur, de chaleur et de mouvement. Toute l’équipe a donc veiller à assurer une continuité colorée et éclatée, à l’image des années et saisons précédentes. L’univers visuel choisi met harmonieusement en lumière les tendances automnales actuelles tout en intégrant une touche ludique et joyeuse! Créé il y a un, le programme Confetti continue quant à lui de gagner des points avec ses concours annuels et ses nombreuses adhésions. L’affichage en magasin, les évènements et les bannières numériques déployés au cours de la dernière année ont grandement favorisé l’adhésion au programme.

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Stephen Angers Avocat criminaliste

Stephen Angers, criminal law specialist, turned to us to create a corporate brochure and a new high-converting website backed by a digital strategy to increase client acquisition. The result? A professional, streamlined, up-to-date image in tune with the firm’s vision.

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Assaisonnements Isabelle Huot Unique blends

Voyou designed the labels of the new line of seasoning by Isabelle Huot, famous nutritionist. Manufactured by Les Épices Garno, these products align perfectly with trends focusing on healthy, delicious, quality food, which come across through the packaging design.

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Les Fromagiers de la Table Ronde Great look, great taste!

Located in Sainte-Sophie, in the Laurentians, this artisan cheese dairy turned to Voyou to update and align the branding of its 11 products, all made with organic milk from the family farm. The company’s name—Les Fromagiers de la Table Ronde—and the names of the cheeses are a fun throwback to medieval times, which inspired our creative team’s work in designing the new packaging.

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Place Rosemère The glowing colours of fall!

For fall 2019, our mission for Place Rosemère was to create two campaigns that would run simultaneously—the fashion advertising campaign and the launch of Place Rosemère’s new rewards program: CONFETTI. Bridging the two events was no easy feat—the two campaigns had to blend together and complete one another both visually and in terms of the messages conveyed.

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Lafond Desjardins Forward-thinking and expertise

Building on the theme Shaping the impossible, we created a new visual identity for the Lafond Desjardins Dental Laboratory. This bold universe combines technological prowess and aesthetics to bring about products with incredible precision and outstanding quality. Shaping the impossible also means reinventing the art of dentistry down to the smallest details, every day, as does Lafond Desjardins with passion, rigour and expertise. We performed a complete overhaul of the website, organized a team photo shoot, and designed a corporate brochure, print ads and a booth dressing.

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