Under the theme GATHERING US TOGETHER, the spring 2019 campaign focuses on diversity and togetherness. Featuring special events and a rich variety of shops and restaurants, including a styling service and seasonal activities, Place Rosemère brings people together, just the way we like it. The campaign is unfolding on billboards, POS signage, bus wraps and the Place Rosemère website. It is also being promoted through a contest organized by Voyou.

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Les aliments Hotches The hidden face of chocolate!

This cute character with a moustache stands as the inspiration behind the name M. Hotches (a name that instills a more human approach to the brand) and the slogan ‘The hidden face of chocolate.’ This catchline not only refers to the character’s hidden eye, it also invokes all the wonderful things one can do with chocolate. The packaging design highlights the brand’s visual identity. Each flavour is represented by a specific colour and unique graphics which enhance the brand’s appeal.

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Ville de Saint-Jérôme How well do you know your bin?

Voyou created four video briefs for the City of Saint-Jérôme to inform the population of how to properly use their recycling bin: Les trouble-fêtes (Trouble Makers), Les imposteurs (Imposters), Les surprenants (Surprises) and Les écocentrés (Ecocentre-bound). Playful and colourful animations sum up in a few minutes what can and cannot go into your blue bin while suggesting alternate solutions.

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Place Rosemère ‘TIS THE SEASON!

Inspired by the Nutcracker’s enchanting universe, the 2018 Christmas campaign stages oversized traditional objects that sweep you away to a magical holiday world! The models’ glamorous looks create an intriguing contrast with the décor’s playful accessories. This campaign sends a clear message to buyers: Place Rosemère is the place to go for your Christmas shopping!

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Le Fabreville Just for Fun!

Website, promotional brochure and advertising signage: Voyou carried out a complete overhaul of Le Fabreville’s visual universe. The carefully devised strategy carves out a clear position for the motel among its target client base as the ideal place for enjoying a short escape and spicing up everyday life in a fun and original way! The concept is daring enough to arouse curiosity, all while offering a clear, well-balanced message: enjoy yourself, it's just for fun! In a universe where curiosity, playfulness and provocation intertwine, Le Fabreville’s guests are sure to satisfy their desire for a unique experience that is anything but ordinary!

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United Bottles New Image, New Brochure!

We created a new corporate brochure for UBP which reflects the company’s new vibrant image. Expertise, services and products are highlighted through dynamic yet streamlined visuals. The content is spread out on the pages to allow for easy navigation and heightened interest.

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Hydroserre Mirabel Delicious and Colourful!

For the product launch of Hydroserre's three new products—Mache, Mache & Beets and Watercress—we designed packaging with a resealable film to preserve freshness. The vibrant colours used for this new line, along with visuals displaying suggested servings, give these uncommon products high visibility in the produce aisle.

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Fruity pleasure!

With the arrival of Ariane apples on the Quebec market, Jean-Yves Boileau et fils has asked us to build the visual identity of a new trademark: name, logo, stationery, packaging, advertising, etc. The name HAPI was chosen as it evokes the joy related to discovering fresh, healthy products. Bright colours bring a great vitality to the brand and allow HAPI to stand out from the competition while attracting the new brand’s target customers: millennials

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Mélio Food Voyou goes crazy for crickets!

Two years after the opening of their manufacturing plant, the cofounders of Mélio—pasta made with 100% local crickets—were ready to take the marketing plunge! Voyou designed high impact packaging to make the product stand out from what is currently available on pasta shelves. The packaging features a subtle yet attractive cricket, set within a play of colours that conveys the brand’s environmentally-friendly, delicious, nutritious and high-end market positioning.

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A young and vibrant image

Logo design, digital marketing campaign, POS signage and website designWeb: Voyou revamped the brand image of École de conduite 2000, which has three locations on the South Shore. The company’s new visual identity stands apart from the competition’s more corporate approach by proclaiming the brand’s recognition and reputation throughout the region.

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