duBreton Life of Pigs

Life of Pigs

To date, duBreton is the only pork producer in Canada to follow the Certified Humane® standards set by Humane Farm Animal Care, a North American organization specializing in animal welfare which sets farming and feeding standards for an animal’s entire lifespan.

The recent acknowledgment of the sensitivity of these animals has shown that animal welfare is of great concern for a large part of the population. However, sources of information relating to this are few and far in between. Voyou accomplished an impressive feat: raising awareness among consumers of the importance of making responsible choices by choosing products with recognized, third-party certification which ensures good living conditions for the animals.

We created a 40-second informative video for duBreton, Life of Pigs, as well as an online quiz, The Piggy Quiz, allowing visitors to test their knowledge on how pigs live and on a farming method that makes a world of difference.

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