Assaisonnements Isabelle Huot Unique blends

Voyou designed the labels of the new line of seasoning by Isabelle Huot, famous nutritionist. Manufactured by Les Épices Garno, these products align perfectly with trends focusing on healthy, delicious, quality food, which come across through the packaging design.

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Les Fromagiers de la Table Ronde Great look, great taste!

Located in Sainte-Sophie, in the Laurentians, this artisan cheese dairy turned to Voyou to update and align the branding of its 11 products, all made with organic milk from the family farm. The company’s name—Les Fromagiers de la Table Ronde—and the names of the cheeses are a fun throwback to medieval times, which inspired our creative team’s work in designing the new packaging.

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Levitt's Smoked to perfection!

Levitts, a Canadian family business founded in 1939 and specializing in meat processing, placed its trust in Voyou for the overhaul of its visual identity as well as the planning of its global strategy and the launch of several deli product lines. Whether for easing hunger pains during a hockey game or prepping your teen’s lunch box, you never go wrong with smoked meat! The campaign aims to highlight the products’ high quality smoking process and to draw a connection between the product and our target audience’s eating habits. Video advertising, signage and digital tactics are among the campaign’s preferred communication efforts.

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Saigon Gourmet A new culinary universe

Saigon Gourmet, a Quebec family business, offers fresh, authentic and delicious products inspired by Vietnam—the founders’ home country. We designed a colourful, mouth-watering website showcasing products and go-to recipes. The result? A platform that sends you on a culinary journey!

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Les aliments Hotches The hidden face of chocolate!

This cute character with a moustache stands as the inspiration behind the name M. Hotches (a name that instills a more human approach to the brand) and the slogan ‘The hidden face of chocolate.’ This catchline not only refers to the character’s hidden eye, it also invokes all the wonderful things one can do with chocolate. The packaging design highlights the brand’s visual identity. Each flavour is represented by a specific colour and unique graphics which enhance the brand’s appeal.

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Hydroserre Mirabel Delicious and Colourful!

For the product launch of Hydroserre's three new products—Mache, Mache & Beets and Watercress—we designed packaging with a resealable film to preserve freshness. The vibrant colours used for this new line, along with visuals displaying suggested servings, give these uncommon products high visibility in the produce aisle.

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Fruity pleasure!

With the arrival of Ariane apples on the Quebec market, Jean-Yves Boileau et fils has asked us to build the visual identity of a new trademark: name, logo, stationery, packaging, advertising, etc. The name HAPI was chosen as it evokes the joy related to discovering fresh, healthy products. Bright colours bring a great vitality to the brand and allow HAPI to stand out from the competition while attracting the new brand’s target customers: millennials

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Mélio Food Voyou goes crazy for crickets!

Two years after the opening of their manufacturing plant, the cofounders of Mélio—pasta made with 100% local crickets—were ready to take the marketing plunge! Voyou designed high impact packaging to make the product stand out from what is currently available on pasta shelves. The packaging features a subtle yet attractive cricket, set within a play of colours that conveys the brand’s environmentally-friendly, delicious, nutritious and high-end market positioning.

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Tarterie des saveurs A Visual Delight!

Revamped brand image, new packaging and website design. Tarterie des saveurs entrusted Voyou – Creative Performance with a specific task: highlighting the authenticity of its products, the quality of the ingredients prepared according to recipes handed down from generation to generation and adapted to align with today’s culinary trends.

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duBreton Life of Pigs

We created a 40-second informative video for duBreton, Life of Pigs, as well as an online quiz, The Piggy Quiz, allowing visitors to test their knowledge on how pigs live and on a farming method that makes a world of difference.

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