Hydroserre Mirabel Delicious and Colourful!

For the product launch of Hydroserre's three new products—Mache, Mache & Beets and Watercress—we designed packaging with a resealable film to preserve freshness. The vibrant colours used for this new line, along with visuals displaying suggested servings, give these uncommon products high visibility in the produce aisle.

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Fruity pleasure!

With the arrival of Ariane apples on the Quebec market, Jean-Yves Boileau et fils has asked us to build the visual identity of a new trademark: name, logo, stationery, packaging, advertising, etc. The name HAPI was chosen as it evokes the joy related to discovering fresh, healthy products. Bright colours bring a great vitality to the brand and allow HAPI to stand out from the competition while attracting the new brand’s target customers: millennials

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Mélio Food Voyou goes crazy for crickets!

Two years after the opening of their manufacturing plant, the cofounders of Mélio—pasta made with 100% local crickets—were ready to take the marketing plunge! Voyou designed high impact packaging to make the product stand out from what is currently available on pasta shelves. The packaging features a subtle yet attractive cricket, set within a play of colours that conveys the brand’s environmentally-friendly, delicious, nutritious and high-end market positioning.

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Tarterie des saveurs A Visual Delight!

Revamped brand image, new packaging and website design. Tarterie des saveurs entrusted Voyou – Creative Performance with a specific task: highlighting the authenticity of its products, the quality of the ingredients prepared according to recipes handed down from generation to generation and adapted to align with today’s culinary trends.

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duBreton Life of Pigs

We created a 40-second informative video for duBreton, Life of Pigs, as well as an online quiz, The Piggy Quiz, allowing visitors to test their knowledge on how pigs live and on a farming method that makes a world of difference.

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A. Lassonde Inc. - Rougemont The fruit of our passion!

North American leader in the development and production of a wide variety of juices and fruit and vegetable juices marketed under various brand names (including Oasis, Rougemont, Allens, Del Monte, Fruité and Fairlee), Lassonde turned to Voyou to redesign its various Rougemont juice and cocktails containers. New, modern visuals highlight the fruits’ refreshing features while staying true to the focus on quality and authenticity fostered by the Quebec brand since 1959.

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Saladexpress stops at nothing to provide consumers with fresh, top-grade, ready-to-cook produce that is free of preservatives! Its latest creation, vegetable fettuccine, is a perfect—not to mention delicious—substitute for pasta. Voyou served up a colourful, mouth-watering container that highlights the product itself and features a recipe that will make you want to get busy in the kitchen!

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Vergers Saint-Paul Inc. …The Apple of Our Eye!

Name, logo, packaging. Les Vergers St-Paul, in Montérégie, called upon the services of Voyou to design a fun and colourful brand image that is sure to stand out in the produce aisle!

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Aliments Only Blue Luscious Berries

Only Blue is a Quebec business that has been transforming local berries for over 10 years. To showcase the company’s high-end products loaded with antioxidants, we designed streamlined packaging featuring fresh, rich colours, as well as a website that highlights the products’ exceptional nutritional content.

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French Cancan Imperial Snacking

Packaging design and name search—a retro theme pairing high-end product and accessible pricing to promote French Cancan popcorn, distributed by Imperial Snacking.

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