Ville de Lachute Making history!

The city of Lachute is in the midst of a major revitalization project to reposition its identity through a strong, up-to-date image that is reflective of the city’s flourishing development. The city is now able to assert its unique character—a green, vibrant and accessible city—while fostering a sense of belonging among citizens and increasing its appeal to grow its active population.

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A campaign unlike any other!

Following the request for proposals made by the CSSDM, Voyou was selected to design a campaign promoting the region’s public high schools. Hands-on actions were needed to raise awareness about their new service offer and their great contributions and capabilities regarding the social and academic development of youth. The dynamic and inspirational campaign J’aime mon public clearly showcases everything these schools have to offer. This stimulating project had our team busy with branding strategies, campaign ideation, photo shoots, promo material, digital strategy design, animated spots and website design!

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Ville de Sainte-Thérèse A colourful and unifying campaign!

The extensive work on Turgeon Street is a major milestone in the city’s downtown revitalization project. The City asked us to design a campaign with one specific goal: inform residents and businesses of the progress of work and of the related constraints. The teaser “Plus beau sur la rue Turgeon” sends a positive message to residents and businesses: the work will enable the creation of a more attractive, vibrant, unifying and safe environment. Inspired by the graphics of festival signage, the visuals feature easily identifiable icons and a warm colour scheme. What’s more, the campaign displays a familiar and friendly tone, embellished by a vintage yet relevant style.

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Ville de Saint-Jérôme How well do you know your bin?

Voyou created four video briefs for the City of Saint-Jérôme to inform the population of how to properly use their recycling bin: Les trouble-fêtes (Trouble Makers), Les imposteurs (Imposters), Les surprenants (Surprises) and Les écocentrés (Ecocentre-bound). Playful and colourful animations sum up in a few minutes what can and cannot go into your blue bin while suggesting alternate solutions.

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