Panda Shoes Monstrous Effect!

In its third advertising campaign for Panda Shoes, Voyou focuses once again on a colourful and festive fantasy world reflective of the chain’s young client base.

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Place Rosemère Dynamic Duos!

Voyou designed a spring 2018 campaign for Place Rosemère that is perfectly modern and refreshing. This season, styles are matching up to create pairings that proudly step outside the box, defy conventions and play around with genres. The result: OUTSTANDING balance! Pairs whose differences become complementary, while showcasing the individuality and personality of each. Inspired by the movements and positions of partner dances, the theme conjures up all the dynamic energy that fills the world of dance. The campaign will unfold through signage, online and at POS.

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Panda Shoes Full speed ahead li’l monsters!

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Panda, a Quebec banner that has provided many a generation of little feet with footwear, Voyou designed a fun and colourful campaign that playfully reflects its young clientele.

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Place Rosemère More stylish than ever!

After thrusting this prominent North-Shore shopping centre into a new strategic direction through bold, original campaigns, Voyou creates its new online platform. The result? A colourful, dynamic website, allowing intuitive browsing and headlining the unique shopping experience offered at Place Rosemère. Every effort was made to offer internet-goers fast and easy access to everything they need to know to plan their visit!

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Boutiques Claire France An inspiring campaign

Under the heading You’re amazing!, a confident woman takes charge of unexpected spaces. She stands strong, assertive and feels great in her own skin. This 2017 Fall/Winter campaign exudes strength, ambition and pleasure. According to Claire France, a woman’s place is ... everywhere! Unease and complexes nonexistent. The campaign was designed for the Web, window display and TV, with one 30-second capsule airing on TVA.

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Place Rosemère A World of Discoveries!

Every year, back-to-school goes hand in hand with learning and discoveries. Building on the shift initiated last spring, and in order to better express this wave of excitement and renewal, Voyou masterminded the 2017 advertising campaign Mode branchée pour explorateurs de styles which invites you to make new discoveries and showcases a retro world boasting warm, trendy colours. Globetrotters, stylish explorers and little adventurers, Place Rosemère is the place to go to find the perfect styles for every occasion! The campaign is unfolding online, on billboards, at points of sale and on social media.

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LE GRENIER A punch of colour to beat the autumn blues

The Fall 2017 campaign created by Voyou puts forth a dynamic and modern design that reflects a zest for life. The colourful graphics set on a white canvas create a wonderful contrast with the Fall collection’s subdued colour palette. Building on the theme “Je fuis l’ennui” (I flee boredom), this campaign incites women to defy the autumn gloom using colours and high spirits ... in their life and wardrobe alike!

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Boutiques San Francisco Spotlight on a Local Designer

All San Francisco clothing and accessories are designed by a team of Montreal-based stylists and are mainly made in Quebec. Proud supporter of local designers, Voyou thought up Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 campaigns focused on the rich variety of landscapes and tourist attractions in Quebec. These campaigns were proudly launched in stores and online.

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Eurostyle Fashion Passion and Creativity

Design, trends and modern style set the tone for the design of Eurostyle Fashion’s new website. Voyou engineered a polished, ultra-chic platform and identity with a European flair for this fashion company that stands as one of the leading fashion importers and distributors of affordable luxury womenswear. Simply beautiful!

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LE GRENIER Sensational Fashion

The goal of the 2017 Spring/Summer campaign was to make a sensation! A colourful, festive presentation seeking to bring customers into the store to discover the brand in a new light. The graphics, vibrant rhythm and bright colours shine a spotlight on the great variety of collections. The campaign was designed for the Web, window display and TV, with one 30-second capsule airing on Canal Vie.

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