Atis Group All set up for spring!

For the 2019 Spring campaign, Voyou focused on the arrival of spring—a season that every Quebecker looks forward to every year! The teaser copy “Le beau temps s’installe” is both easily recognizable and remembered by consumers. Focus is also placed on the company’s installation service. The visual world is a play on freshness and light spirits, while clearly presenting the product. As promotional tools for ATIS Group brands, we developed door hangers, ads, signs, radio broadcasts and television ads. We also implemented a comprehensive digital strategy.

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Victor et François entrepreneur général A Well-Built Image!

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RénoTrust Worry-Free Renovations

Offering turn-key renovation services, this company entrusted us with the task of creating a powerful brand image and an efficient website in order to present its worry-free renovation services boasting a 100% guarantee. Voyou also coordinated a press conference to mark the launch of the website.

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Ma Blainville So Many Reasons to Call it Home!

Fun, inspiring, safe, verdant . . . Blainville is all this, and more! To highlight the city’s various ongoing real estate projects, Voyou thought up a colourful, multi-platform campaign in which the citizens of Blainville take centre stage, including a new website created especially for the occasion.

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The Chambéry Residential Project Blainville's Eco-chic Neighbourhood

Located in Blainville, Chambéry is a neighbourhood where nature meets urban life and contemporary design. Voyou designed the residential project's website as well as various promotional tools.

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Our assignment was to shine a spotlight on the largest eco-friendly real estate project in Canada while establishing a clear market position. Our recipe for success? A captivating campaign focused on the project’s urban/nature flavour, an inviting and extensive website, an information brochure that makes you want to move right in, signage, print and broadcast advertising . . .  Urbanova sparks inspiration at Voyou!

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LUXXCITÉ Be encaptivated!

Construction Danam Bonzai, a major partner of Occupation Double 2013, gave Voyou the mandate to create the identity of its new condo project. Everything — from its original and evocative name, signature, communication tools to its brochure, website and sales office look — has been designed to constantly reflect and convey a glamorous, high-end image for this City of Mirabel project.

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Domaine du Parc A project with so much to offer!

Major residential project in Terrebonne, Domaine du Parc has given Voyou — Creative Performance the mandate to revise its image and boost its presence on different platforms. Logo revisited, new website, printed advertising, animated promotional video: everything has been designed to highlight the many benefits of the residential project ... that features 6 times more to offer!

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Spacia Space . . . rethought

Spacia—a young company offering integrated interior architecture services with a profoundly innovative and contemporary approach—handed us a mandate perfectly in tune with our expertise: new brand image creation, corporate brochure design and website redesign. Voyou also collaborated with Spacia for the creation of the new Montreal office.

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