Allain Graphic designer
Voyou Bouffe

Rigour. Meticulouslness. Experience. Everything to inspire trust. And with good reason—Carole has mastered the art of graphic design in all of its particularities. Soft-spoken and reserved, she lights up as soon as she talks about product packaging, her passion and speciality! Whether here or on vacation, grocery shopping takes her forever as she inspects every product on the shelves. Our graphic designer brings together knowledge of current standards, creativity and hard work, a winning trio. 

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain.”
- Seneca

One day, I willTake a trip to Japan. Maybe for my fiftieth birthday!

I love
Parrots! They're so beautiful and smart!
An object that represents me
Bread . . . It's soft and comforting!
Three things I would bring to a deserted island...
Olive bread, my favourite knit and my KitchenAid mixer!
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