Brunet Artistic Director

With a degree in advertising from the University of Montreal and a bachelor’s degree in digital arts from Concordia University’s Department of Fine Arts, Félix-Antoine was quick to make his mark. In less than three years, he received several awards, created campaigns for nation-wide clients and founded his very own agency. Our artistic director reveals his many talents through his work with the team by bringing fresh solutions built on solid strategies. As a music lover, Félix-Antoine transforms all your projects into tracks that are sure to strike a chord with your customers!

To infinity and beyond!
- Buzz Lightyear

I love Pickles (I even got one tattooed on my thigh)

I collect...
Musical instruments. I really need to do a clean-up!
Mi biggest boo-boo
I forgot to close the tap and left it running for 2 hours. The basement was flooded!
One day, I will...
Go to Indonesia and learn to surf.
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